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Words are the most potent but often misunderstood fuel that drives traffic on the internet, builds trust, and improves sales.

Copywriter and Content Marketer

Ace Tech Writer

I am Uwemedimo Usa, a B2B/B2C response-driven copywriter and certified content marketer. I took my love for copywriting, my professional experience in Digital marketing, and my engineering degree and put them all together to create a healthy craving for tech content that engages, delights and convert.

A one-man march to deliver the best quality writing services to brands in the tech industry.
Outstanding marketing driven by hard-to-resist copywriting and top-quality content marketing

I Believe You Don't Have to Be the Loudest to Get Noticed

If we all stand in a straight line, the person in front will make those at the back invisible. That is what “me too” content marketing does to your business. With the human attention span racing to the bottom, you can’t afford to be like everyone else. You can gain attention without causing a ruckus. And you can communicate with power without sounding like a dishonest salesman.

What the Ace Tech Writing Stands For

  • I believe in clear and plain communication. The Tech industry is pretty saturated with lingo the average tech user isn’t familiar with. If you want to build a customer-centric business, communicating in plain English that is engaging and intelligent is the way to go.
  • I love how the internet has brought us closer. I love technology and how it has made our lives better and easier. Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, AI, AR, ML, and Data Science — these niches make my world go round. I love to write about them. 
  • I believe we have a responsibility to make life easy for others when we can. The power to produce these tech solutions that make our world better must be matched with the power to put it in the hands of people. Exceptional content marketing makes this possible. You take your solution to the people where they are, in the words they speak.
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Hubspot certified in Inbound
Hubspot certified in content marketing
Hubspot certified in inbound marketing

What I am doing here is taking the reader by the hand and leading him exactly where I want him to go. It seems like a small point and, maybe it is, but is the little touches like this that keeps the letter flowing, the reader moving along, and, it relieves him of the burden of trying to figure out what he is supposed to do when he finishes reading a particular page.

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