Turn Ice-Cold Web Traffic into Loyal Paying Customers

Engage, delight, and convert your casual web visitors to customers with research-backed conversion copywriting that gets them to always say “YES” to you.

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Uwem first had a conversation with us about the needs, he did some research, set up a survey for users and created a copy that was to the point, crisp yet had a human touch.

— Antoinette Biehlmeier, Co-Founder, Thera-Smart.com

Is your copy giving you the results you want?

Do you often struggle to connect with your ideal customers and lose out of new business?
You’ve probably tried tweaking everything you can on your website but your numbers are nowhere near where you want them to be.
What’s the right thing to say? Where should you place it? How should you phrase it?
What does it take to get new customers on the internet, for god’s sake?

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If your copy doesn’t connect with your ideal customer, it will always disappoint you

8 secs

You have 8 seconds to make a connection with your web visitor and grip them. You rarely get a second chance because...


80% of your web visitors will never return to your site if your offer doesn’t hook them immediately, and...


With average conversion rates of 3.9%, you’re already not reaching 96.1% of your traffic. Can you afford to lose more?

I can help you convert more of your web visitors to loyal paying customers by showing them the compelling appeal of your products or services.

Does this sound like you?

  • Rewrote your copy for the 11th time, published, and prayed

  • Spammed your email list with discounts to attract more sign ups

  • Increased ad spend to get more traffic so you can sell more

  • Mirrored your competitors’ copy to see if you convert more

That won’t increase your conversions because…

What you need is a high-performing conversion copy focused on your one customer

Reach the hearts and minds of your customers—where they want you to—and get them to say “YES” to you.
People don’t want to be sold to, they want to buy.
Customer-centric copy gets them to choose you. Often.
I help my clients set their business apart online

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Hi, I am Uwemedimo Usa

But you can call me Uwem 😊

I help SaaS companies, digital marketing agencies, professionals and entrepreneurs in the tech industry sell more with high-converting copy and customer-centric content.

My tech writing services are results-driven


Customer-Centric Content Writing

Reach your ideal customers right where they want you, with evergreen content that engages, delights, and converts.


Research-Backed Conversion Copywriting

Say exactly what needs to be said, connect with your visitors on a deeper level, and convert them to customers predictably.

The fact is

You cannot find research-backed tech writing services that focuses on conversion just anywhere

Not your freelance writer, copywriter, SEO, web designer, marketing agency, or the member of your team who took a copywriting course.
My clients hire me to balance their copy and content with conversion optimization.

How I help you convert web visitors predictably:

Understand your ideal customer

To position your unique value with the right messaging that connects with them on a deep level.

Figure out the smartest path to your goals

By crafting a detailed strategy to take you from where you are to where you want to be with your copy/content.

Say the right words to your customers

To show them you understand them, make them trust you, and remove any objections they may have about you and your offer.

Use key insights to improve your messaging

So that you connect with more and more of your web visitors and continuously position your business for its best ROI yet.

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