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Uwemedimo Usa

B2B/B2C Conversion Copywriter and Certified Content Marketer

In the last 5 years, I’ve delivered tried, tested, and proven results for SaaS companies, tech brands, startups, and digital marketing agencies.
My first-rate magazine-quality content engages, delights, and converts readers. Using the inbound marketing technique, I’ll help your prospects trust your brand, choose you, and buy from you.
I offer no-fluff, no-BS, and difficult-to-resist elegant copywriting. Copy that gets on its feet and goes to work for you. Not one that sits on your site twiddling its thumbs, waiting for something to happen.

Brands I've worked with


What my clients say about working with me

"Uwem is so talented, kind, and easy to work with. I had a wonderful experience and absolutely loved all the content he provided! He helped me in 2 projects already and can't wait to work with him in the future. If you're looking for a website copywriter don't look any further, Uwem will get you covered. I highly recommend him for anyone interested in copywriting and especially the copywriting using the story brand format. I will definitely hire Uwem for my next projects." 

Myriem Ech

Co-Founder at Simpelr

“I’ve been working with Uwem ‘Dimo’ for over 3 years and throughout that time he has consistently delivered the best quality of content for me and my clients. He is really good at writing for all new niches I give him, and his blogs/posts and articles have helpful and engaging content. He produces great content, and that is why I have been happy to use him for over 3 years now!”

Dean Schlenker

Owner of CyberController

"Uwem was a pleasure to work with. He wrote our Google ads and provided much needed placement research to target our audiences and increase sales. And he updated my website’s content with keywords that have resulted in organic traffic. I highly recommend him as his SEO copywriting skills are excellent! We will definitely use him again. Hire with confidence, Uwem’s skill level is unparalleled."

Angela Jones

Co-Founder at Creative Print Factory

“I have worked with Uwem on several projects, and he continues to impress me with his professionalism, communication, and most importantly, care. Highly recommended.”

Felipe Zambrano

Co-Founder at Axford Creative

“Top class writer and freelancer! Uwem was able to quickly understand the need of my business and his writing style is very easy to understand yet high end. 100% recommend!”

Eunice Kang

Creative Director at Brand and Branders

"With little creative input, Uwem was able to quickly create a compelling blog article that was extremely well structured and informative."

Jeshua Zapata

Co-Founder at Xzito

"Uwem was responsive and worked quickly. Most importantly, his work was VERY thorough and delivered us a great product."

Rebecca King

Manager at Firtsi LLC

"Uwem is an exceptional writer and was able to follow the brief to produce a fantastic piece of data-driven content for us. His communication is excellent and I was impressed by his ability to meet deadlines. Thanks so much Uwem."

Victoria Harrison

Head of Operations at Convert.com

“Uwem is one of those gems that you think twice if you should promote how amazing he is, or if you keep the treasure to yourself. He created a few impressive and resourceful technical contents for me. He is definitely the best content writer I had.”

Guilherme Alvarenga

Product Marketing Manager at Check Point Software Technologies

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If we all stand in a straight line, the person in front will make those at the back invisible. That is what “me too” content marketing does to your business.
With the human attention span getting lower than ever, you can’t afford to be like everyone else.
You can gain attention without causing a ruckus. And you can communicate persuasively without sounding like a dishonest salesman.

10X Writing Services

In a world where attention is a slippery eel and everybody is trying to grab one, you can’t afford to be like everyone else.



People are constantly drifting on to the next best thing. Seizing attention and keeping it is an extreme sport. I’ll help you keep your readers engaged to the last full-stop.

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Readers go where their interest takes them but stay where they are delighted. In a world of skeptical and more intelligent people, I’ll help you keep your readers fascinated with your words.


Convince your site visitors to engage with your content and then get more of them to take action. More people will click your CTAs when I help you show more value to your readers than they’re willing to pass up.

Content marketing services

  • Blog/Article writing

    The top 20% snatch 80% of the web traffic. Why? They provide top-quality user friendly content on their blogs. Research deep, tell a captivating story, and provide value to your blog visitors.

  • Content strategy

    Domain authority doesn’t come overnight. You know that. That’s why you think long term with a high-performing content strategy that sets you apart and earns you your top spot on search engine results pages.

  • eBook/White paper writing

    Show your expertise in your niche. Communicate your value while you attract leads like a puppy beagle attracts adoration.

  • Ghostwriting

    Got something to say but no time to say it? Tell me. I’ll let the world hear your voice clearer than ever. I’ll do 100% of the work, you’ll get 100% of the credit. Confidential.

Conversion copywriting services

  • Web copywriting

    Join your potential customers on their buyer’s journey. Tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your site visitors. Convert them to paying customers.

  • Landing page copywriting

    Get more engagements and clicks. Let your words work for you. Make them go out and get you more landing page conversions.

  • Sales page copywriting

    Got an online course? Product to sell? Demo to show? Talk to your prospects the way they want to be spoken to. Make them choose you.

  • Ad copy writing

    Ad Copy that gets people stopping right in the middle of their scroll because it communicates straight to their heart. Activate higher conversion rates.

  • Email copywriting

    Whether you’re nurturing, announcing, selling, or promoting, your emails can get opened and read. All the time. Get more people clicking on your CTAs. It’s possible.

  • Copy wireframing

    I’ll help your designers know what goes where. Makes it easier for everyone when I use my experience in web design to wireframe your copy.


Proven professional tech copywriter to deliver outstanding results


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