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Conversion Copywriting Services

Copywriting that gets you results

Email Marketing

Since 1971, Email has been the fastest way to communicate by text on the internet. Today, top brands use effective email marketing to talk to their prospects, leads, and customers on a more personal level.

Your customers love it. It is personal, convenient, and quick. 

A great email campaign can do wonders for your ROI — according to eMarketer, this is 122% on average.

Web Content

After you’re done with your beautiful website design, you must replace “Lorem Ipsum” with a real copy that sells.

Equip your home page, about us page, and services page with the power to convert readers to paying customers with reader-friendly web content.

Ad Copy

How did Apple convince us to spend $1000 on an iPhone?

Why do we feel owning a MacBook is better than owning a PC?

This is the power of compelling ad copies.

You can craft the right impression about your product in a manner that continues to convert years later.

Whether you are advertising online or on a billboard, I can help you write the right ad copy that sells.

Landing Page Copy

Do you need conversion copy or direct-response copy for your landing page?

Do you want to measure higher conversion rates on your landing page?

I can help you write the copy that makes the difference.

I can also suggest design tweaks and changes that can mean the difference between 2.35% conversion rate and 11.45% conversion rate.

White papers and Ebooks

White papers are used by major tech brands and IT companies in their B2B marketing efforts.

You can offer your solutions directly to prospects or show them how informed you are on a subject that bothers them.

Ebooks can help you when you are building an email list.

Offer them as incentives for signing up for your newsletters, and guide prospects towards becoming paying customers.

There was never a time content wasn’t paramount on the internet. A brand that associates itself with consistent, informative, and engaging content, wins favors with their readers.

There are numbers to prove this:

  • You get 6x more conversion if you use content marketing
  • Your website will enjoy 8x more traffic when you post content regularly
  • You will spend 62% less on content marketing than outbound marketing
  • And you will get 3x as many leads for your money

Consistently posting great content is often the link between your business and greater customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. Which then translates to more sales. 

In the Tech industry — whether yours is Cloud services, Cyber security, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Software development, Artificial Intelligence — bringing your solution to your customers could be tricky. For one, you are dealing in a jargon-rich industry.

How do you communicate in such a way that readers understand you and see how your product can solve real-world problems for them?

Superb storytelling.

You want your content to be:

  • Simple in readable language yet intelligent
  • Relatable without being cheesy
  • Easy-to-understand with breakdowns of industry concepts
  • Engaging, while sticking to the point.

Once you become the answer to questions and a solution to problems, you’re already winning.

It’s difficult to commit the time to make this happen, especially when you have a business to run. So, here are 4 ways I can help you out with this.

Pro Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing that turns web visitors to paying customers

Blog Posts

As a tech brand, your drive is to provide solutions.

What do you think people do when they have a problem?

96% search the internet for a solution.

Imagine if you have a blog post that answers that question, and it’s ranked well on the Search engine result pages (SERPs)… and they find it and read it.

You lead them further down the funnel to take action. Say, sign up for a demo of your product, schedule a call or walk through your doors next Monday.

Blog posts can give you leads. Leads can become customers.


Are you a busy executive?

Do you want to register yourself as an authority in your industry?

Do you want search results about you to showcase your wealth of knowledge and expertise? But you don’t have the time for it?

I can help you write well-researched and in-depth professional articles to portray you as a force to reckon with in your niche.

This will remain between us. I do the work; you take the credit. 100%.


Are blog posts different from articles?

On a basic level, yes. Blog posts are usually short, between 600 and 1500 words. Articles take it up to 6000 words.

Articles sound more professional. Meanwhile, blog posts usually flow with informal language and a conversational tone.

If you want something more authoritative for your website (or a magazine), go for Article writing services.

Guest Posts

There are websites out there that have the readership and authority in your industry that can transform your business. If only you can borrow it.

Yes, you can.

That’s what guest posts do for you. I’ll help you get published on these blogs to boost your reputation and exposure.

Social Media Content

There are 2.89 billion people active on social media.

These people quickly scroll down their feed and getting their attention can be tricky. Plus, you only have a limited space to say something.

You need incredible social media content writing to catch their attention, keep it and influence their decision.

“You sell on emotion, but you justify a purchase with logic.”

Joseph Sugarman